K&W Construction:

We try to do our part to save our planet for our children and there are plenty of things we as a company can do that are even rather good investments. Our philosophy is to be better than the norms and regulations and we challenge other companies to do the same! Why not be environmental friendly when you do not have to give up any comfort and save money in the process?

K&W is a pioneer in sustainable living as we can offer affordable net energy neutral housing with a very high comfort of living with our Zero Energy House and soon to come Zero Energy Apartments. We are now working on the Heris project with 52 Zero Energy Houses and where we will introduce the Zero Energy Apartments. Our concept combines already existing techniques and technologies to make a cost efficient, high quality final product. We can compete with traditional constructions in price whilst offering much lower running costs and an even higher comfort of living.

Our houses obtain much better labels (A++) than the current norm (A). A Zero Energy Houses is not to be confused with a “passive house”. Our houses consume 0kWh/m² per year by completely setting off the energy consumption through active electricity production without sacrificing any comfort. The average house in Belgium consumes 120kWh/m² per year. Our Zero Energy house severely reduces running costs and in the process makes a big difference to the environment.

The Derome Group:

The Zero Energy house is made in partnership with the Derome Group from Sweden, who deliver the prefabricated “lego” elements of our house.

Environmental consciousness is one of Derome’s core values. Their environmental engagement is under constant review and they work actively to ensure that the products manufactured and sold can be reused or recycled with the lowest possible use of resources.

The raw material for the production derives from forests in their immediate surroundings. Each tree that is removed from the forest is replaced by a number of new trees. The by-products from the forest and sawmills are processed into biofuel and new energy. They are a major producer of biofuel and besides their own operations, housing and businesses are provided with Bioenergy.

Derome builds low-energy walls and passive houses to reduce energy consumption, and supply heating systems based on renewable energy sources. In addition to this, they also focus on becoming self-sufficient in renewable electricity form wind power and other sources.

The bulk of the production is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 and the product range includes eco-labelled wood products and energy-efficient homes.