K&W Construction:

K&W Construction is a class D7 construction company with a full project organization of 15 employees that can care of every step from project development of our own projects to completed construction. Our workers are specialized in the construction of the concrete structure and under the supervision of our purchaser and site leaders we also take care of all finishing works via our network of subcontractors. Our own promotions are mostly apartment buildings with some commercial spaces but we also do projects with prefab wooden skeleton buildings delivered from the Swedish firm A-hus (Zero Energy Houses). Parallel to construction of own projects, we also take external construction contracts for concrete structures or completely finished buildings.

The production (Derome Group):

The Zero Energy House structures are pre-fabricated in the production in Sweden by the Derome Group company. The Derome Group is one of Sweden’s largest family-owned wood industries dating back to 1946. Derome’s business concept is based on processing and supplying timber and building materials in a way that is rational for the customer. The aim is to be at the forefront when it comes to innovation and technical equipment in order to offer products and services that correspond well with what the market wants. Environmental consciousness is one of Derome’s core values. Their environmental engagement is under constant review and they work actively to ensure that the products they manufacture and sell can be reused or recycled. The raw materials for the production derives from forests in their immediate surroundings. Each tree that is removed from the forest is replaced by a number of new trees. They build low-energy walls, passive and Zero Energy houses to reduce energy consumption. In addition to this, they also focus on becoming self-sufficient in renewable electricity from win power and other sources. The bulk of the production is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 and product range includes eco-labelled wood product and energy-efficient homes.

Job Opportunities:

K&W Construction is a dynamic organization without a hierarchy: there is a very informal atmosphere where everyone can be approached. We use a long-term vision and invest in people; there is practically no gradient. We are also a financially sound company with an eye for innovation. The order book is well filled and we are looking for new colleagues to strengthen our teams.