Zero Energy House

A Zero Energy House combines multiple existing innovative technologies, amongst these are for example the ventilation system-D or the solar panels which produces enough electricity for a heat pump, which, in turn, supplies enough energy for a standard family for one year.

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About Zero Energy House?

A Zero Energy House produces as much energy as it uses itself over the time of a year (consumption = 0kWh/m²). This is the same as energy class A++ or an energy index =0 house. Not to mention this is different then a “passive house” which still consumes 15 kWh/m² per year.

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About Zero Energy House?

Current Projects

Currently we have 2 projects where we build Zero Energy Houses. Project Epinois with its 15 houses is completely finished and sold. Our second project is Heris. There we are in the process of creating 52 Zero Energy Houses. Along with the introduction of our new concept: Zero Energy Apartments.

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Current Projects

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    About Us

    K&W is a pioneer in sustainable living as we can offer affordable net energy neutral housing with a very high comfort of living with our Zero Energy House and soon to come Zero Energy Apartments. We have already finished a project with 16 of these houses in our Epinois project in Soignies and we are now busy with the bigger Heris project with 52 Zero Energy Houses and where we will also introduce the Zero Energy Apartments.